Is it difficult to find reliable information about Islam in your locality?

Yes it's hard to find information in my community, and learn so I rely on the internet
93% (272 votes)
I have books/book shops available to me
1% (3 votes)
There are people like parents, Imams, Scholars & others I can ask for information
3% (8 votes)
I have access to books and knowledgeable people
4% (11 votes)
Total votes: 294

A worrying result. 

The majority of people either live in a rubbish place, where their needs are not met or aren't trying hard enough to find knowledgable people/places.

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

That's the outcome i'd suspected.

If you think about it. In this day and age, the internet is at everyone's fingertips. People rely on a lot of what they find on Google and some don't even try to find out whether that's actually the truth or not. It just seems a lot easier and you'd find what you want in the matter of a click.

In previous times, not everyone had the internet at their use, so if they were unsure and wanted to clarify their understanding, they were obliged to go out there and search for it using better methods from their parents, teachers or respectable and knowledge people in society.

Others just feel a little embarrassed to ask (when questioning is actually pretty good) or they don't know WHO they need to go to or they think it's effort to go to reliable people for information on Islam (due to lack of time on their hands).


Yes I know what you mean, but I just thought the results would be different because I didn't ask what people would prefer but what they have access to. It's a shame we rely so much on the internet.

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

not just a shame, its also pretty scary. especially when you see what's out there! theres literally polar opposites opinions that come up one after the other for the same google do people differentiate on their own?


i wonder how popular the revvy texting service is being.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

im not authorised to delete this double post.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

It's just SO easy and quick to google a question and have an instant reply. BUT i don't think we should always use the internet. It's diverse will all sorts of opinions on there - some of which might be contrary to Islam but mentioned in the name of Islam. I think if you're going to use the internet for Islamic purposes, don't do a random search on google, instead - use the search engine on websites that you already know are reliable and those which clearly flag who the scholars writing the information are.


i was talking from the point of view of a youth who doesnt know much abt islam but wants to get into it. who doesnt know abt good/bad websites etc.. and who doesnt know how to differentiate.


maybe we shld have a guide on "how to know if this islamic website is reliable" and have broad points like check the "about us" and credentials and that thhey quote quran and hadith and give reference. stuff like that.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Oh that's what you meant, lol. ^ Well i think that's a great idea! Smile