How did you find out about The Revival?

The Revival Facebook Group
70% (66 votes)
The Revival Twitter Page
0% (0 votes)
Through a family member
5% (5 votes)
Through a friend
2% (2 votes)
Picked up a magazine from a shop
1% (1 vote)
Picked up a magazine from a mosque
3% (3 votes)
Browsing on the net
11% (10 votes)
7% (7 votes)
Total votes: 94

I wonder what the 'other' is


"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

For some of us none of the not other options would apply.

Like 'Ed.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

I'm actually very surprised, the highest number of votes are coming from The Revival Facebook Group!


If you've voted 'OTHER', can you kindly post a comment below and share how YOU found out about The Revival. Thanks in advance!


event Dirol


euh by the way.. how come the link to this place doesnt come up at the bottom of the poll? i was wondering where the comments were gone...

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?