Newsletter - April 2002

First published in April in 2002.

In This Issue:

Peace to you all... Yes you're reading another bombastic telly-fontastic issue of The Revival.
So, is Islam a faith of peace or does it in fact promote violence and hatred?
So, the 60 million dollar question is that if Islam teaches peace and is absolutely against violence and terrorism then why the heck do these individuals and organisations carry
SO, what drives people to carry out acts of terrorism? Why do some people hate America and the West so much that they are prepared to take their own lives as well as others?
Ali G Meets The Revival Ali G: Boyakasha! Me Is ere with me main man from The Revival. Easy Now! The Revival: Hello Ali. how are you man?
'Muhammad, that's that Muslim Prophet innit.' Now what it I told you that Prophet Muhammad (saw), upon him be peace- is the must influential man in history and a perfect role fu
What are the problems being faced by the western world today?