Issue 10: Emails to the Editor

Select messages received by the Editor

Assalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaah

I am writing to congratulate you on the Revival Magazine! It’s beautiful… mashallah!!!!!

According to your website, you started a while back but I only found out a few days ago, actually I found the magazine in my local masjid (Clonskeagh mosque, Dublin 14, Ireland) few days before Eid… alhamdulilahi! I was so excited I took it home without asking the owner or anything! May Allah Tala forgive me.

I would also like to get some more copies for the youth here! Ireland's young Muslim population is very little therefore most youth are straying, it will be very good to have a magazine like yours around! I, mashallah really enjoyed reading it. Wassallaam

Muftiah Abiolah, Dublin, Ireland


The mag is great! I downloaded it from the web, the April/May issue was a bit should I put it... ASTONISHING!!! EVERY Article within it co-ordinated with the society we live in today and brought more hope that people ARE aware of these things and that there are solutions to these problems. The reminders of Hadith and Quranic verses added to the excellence. So after I read that mag, I passed it onto my family and All praise be to Allah, they loved it too! So, I downloaded all of them and passed them round.

Areefa Menhaj, London


I have been reading several issues of the revival magazine on your website. Occasionally I would get a copy from members of the community or at Islamic events, but when the last two were published I didn't receive any magazines so I decided to check your website. That is where I found your new issue and downloaded the PDF version.

I believe that your magazine is designed in a way where it will really relate to the youth. I think it is a great way for Muslim youth to get on top of news and current affairs of the community. I believe the magazine itself is good, but distribution in different areas needs to be improved so that people can get hold of the issues and spread the word. Waslaam

Ruqayyah Fombo, London


I am an 18-year-old student currently at college. I am writing to you regarding the latest issue (Aug/Sept '07) of The Revival. I read The Revival on a regular basis and I’m disturbed by some of the contents in this months issue.

My main problem is with pages 12 and 13 where there is a conversation between “Aliyah and Jameela”. From reading these pages I think the wrong message is being portrayed. For example the situation with Iky seems to imply that having a relationship is OK as long as it is not in the month of Ramadan – definitely the wrong message. Also the part in which Haleema is termed a “Ho” is totally unacceptable and gossiping is dismissed as a normal conversation. Jameela's parts of the conversation are fine – sending a great message from which I have learnt a lot. However the conversation needs to be put in the right context, I do not think it is appropriate for young people and have prevented my younger sisters from reading it.

Asmah Akhtar, Bradford

Assallamu Allaikum

I like The Revival as I think it communicates with its target audience very well. However, I was reading some comments about the latest issue of the revival on the website, and could understand what some of the people commenting felt, in that a lot of the content focussed on the negative behaviours of the youth, rather than some of their positive endeavours.

I think this is easily remedied, by finding stories which can act as positive influences for the youth, and hence make them feel more positive, while still writing articles which address the negative behaviours that need to be addressed, which are often taboo in our more cultural societies.

Ayesha Khan, Manchester

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