People have been saying i smile a LOT :) So i hope this puts a smile on your face :) :) :) RAMADAN MUBARAK :)


i'll smile just for you.
you seem pretty friendly! Glad to have you around!

i guess i use ! instead of your smileys LOOL

but my eyes are burning at all those smiles..

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Oh thankyou for your smile SmileSmileSmile my job is done, now if i can just get the rest of ^ billion people around the world to smile i'll be happy Biggrin

Thankyou Biggrin that is really nice to say, glad to be on board Biggrin

LOL well i hope your eyes dont burn to much Smile

"Love your haterz Smile Took the stairs, no escalators :)"

I find this so extremely funny, it's like a weirded out Utopia Biggrin (I'm still smiling though! Smile, smile, smile, smile, GRINNNN)

Jihad of the Nafs (The Struggle of the Soul)

Hhaha Biggrin same , its kind of like they're druuged Biggrin but we'll just say happy on prayers Biggrin

i hope it makes everyone smile as much as me SmileBiggrinSmile

"Love your haterz Smile Took the stairs, no escalators :)"