Feed aggregator


The most astute of you may have noticed a new item on the left (for logged in users only atm) titled "feed aggregator". It aggregates feeds.

It used to be up top before, but then it got turned off for some reason. Now it has been turned back on.

questions, suggestions, improvements - let them come.

what does aggregate mean???
that is not a clear explanation for a feed aggregator becuase it obvious it aggregates feeds

SMILE! its charity Wink


aggregate noun a collection of separate units brought together; a total.

and feeds are things that sites can have to allow others to see their content - most sites that do so also have this image showing: feed me

So the feed aggregator linked on the left had side pulls the content in those feeds and lists it. Some feeds are updated every few hours, others every few days.

If you have linked to good sites/feeds etc, keep them coming and they will be added.

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