When you grow old would you want to live in an old peoples home?

10% (10 votes)
75% (73 votes)
I'll decide when I get there
14% (14 votes)
Total votes: 97


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Why not?

you could have fun with all the other geriatrics there. Just imagine your whole group of college friends are there with you. but crankier.

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NO WAY!!! Old peoples home are one of the worst places to spend the last years of ur life and for some unlucky ones half their life!

If someone put me in an old people's home, I'd kill them. Prison im sure is better.
Ive been to a couple of old peoples homes during placement, Its horrible, felt so sorry for the people there.

I understand that some people don't have family or for some people its just too difficult to take care of whoever, but theres evil people out there! Like that care home they showed on the news where the people were being abused by the care staff, so NO WAY!

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I'm absolutley Postive that i dont want to end up in a old people's home, but what if when your old, old people care homes are the place to,like, be? Care homes may have the best facilities for your needs....
All i know is that i pray to Allah (swt) that he keeps us all in good health and iman.. so we are not dependant on anyone else except for Allah (swt). Ameen.

Death is the end of time. Not the end of Life.

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Ocean wrote:
That's a very weird question... I thought you were against the whole "planning long-term" stuff...

Think that's why it says 'would you' rather than 'do you'

Don't just do something! Stand there.

did you know that hospices are basically places where people are pretty much going to die. i didnt know that.

anyone ever being in a hospice (a or an hospice?) what was it like?

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?