Is it wise to drop a subject because you don't like the exam?

33% (9 votes)
67% (18 votes)
Total votes: 27

I do not like this exam. Such a vague question does not properly explain your situation so if you do not like the poll result you will say it was a vague question and if you do you might falsely claim to have been advised. How can I answer such a vague question? How long is a piece of string?

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you will ahve good exams and bad exams (and liking an exam... oxymoron?)

What you need to base your decisions off is if you like the subject overall (and to a lesser extent what career opportunities it opens up).

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what i meant is. i NEED to learn to make myself clearer first time round. what i meant is:

you do not feel like you can cope with the way the exam is set up. aka: essay based, or short answers based or whatever.

i hate essay based exams. i despise them with all my might. and then there's psychology. which will turn into a nightmarish essay based exam. i like what i learn in psy. but would i be able to "get the grade" with the way the exam is structured? i dont think so.

so? do i drop psy?

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

The credentials are important but they are best if they are supported by passion, and school teachers are hit and miss so just work off your own passion. How much do you want to be a psychologist and/or successful in your future in your field of study? Try to learn for the sake of having information you are passionate about and not because that information helps you pass, and then you will feel better muddling through until you have enough information clear in your mind to pass an exam. Probably if you join a good and slightly competitive of like-minded people it will help, because are they, like, more intelligent? How come they know so much and can talk psychology all the time?

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Psychology was my only exam with short Qs Sad

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I'm simply going to say that you can love the subject, but if you hate the exam and tend to not do so well in them, due to whatever reason/s, then i would personally either try harder to work around the troubling exam structure or eventually just drop the subject and choose something else..... because after all of it your exam is assessed not your love for the subject. but i'v not come across alot of exams that i 'hate' due to their structures, the only subject that comes to mind is politics which was eventually rewritten after i left college.

Surely no-one particularly likes any exam...? :S

But I mean some Quantum Physics stuff interests me but I know I would be hopeless at the exam so it would not be wise for me to pick it and would be wiser to pick a subject like say Philosophy that I had half a chance at?

In the latter sense, Yes it's wise to drop subs because you know you'd do awful in the exam

But in the former sense, as in just not 'LIKING' an exam, its NOT wise, cos most people don't 'like' any exam at all?

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