Subliminal Messages

they had an episode on tht in the Simpsons..but Lisa saved the day Wink

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haha yeah i saw that to lol
and yeah they are real
and the army actually use subliminal messages and torment people and mess around with peoples heads as part of their psychological warfare

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if you can get me some chocolate that would be great.

I doubt the mindcontrol subliminal messages are real... they are fantasy.

But there is another type of subliminal messaging that is all too real.

When you watch TV or anything or even live life, you are influenced by what is around you, so it is possible to manipulate events in order to make things seem more normal etc.

An example of this is product placement, something that was banned on British TV til recently - for instance if people had a fizzy drink on TV, it would be an unnamed fizzy drink. Now they can put a bottle of coke there and no one will bat an eyelid. It is marketing to people without them really knowing it.

In the same way if you watch soime childrens cartoons, some of the subjects that crop up are not very good for young Muslim viewers... in Tom and Jerry or bugs bunny there is sometimes a female presence which the guys go heads of heels for.... spongebob squarepants is supposedly gay... these little things and suddenly the next generation will think them normal.

If they are taught young enough that there is nothing wrong with extra marital relationships, even if they are not convinced yet, the seed has been planted.

and this IMO is far more dangerous than any potential subliminal messaging which take scontrol of people or is in music tracks backwards - because this latter one is a bogeyman and people then ignore the real issues chasing shadows.

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Totally agree with YOU there about the little subliminal messages we get in media and advertising. I was saying that earlier on about the little kids programmes and how they they try to portray haram things as an everyday acceptance that nothing is wrong with it.

I think we do have to be careful about what the young generation are getting in to but not let all these things about conspiracies and subliminal messages make us paranoid constantly.

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I agree with Mr You but then again those who are into the whole illuminati stuff say that those subliminal messages are by them too...
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hey people! subliminal messages and psychological warfare is real
if you can slightly alter the way someone thinks isnt that slight mind control...subliminal messages are designed to sway the way you think!
and look at darren brown he does mind control with subliminal messages
and if you do it enough and make someone listen to something enough which has subliminal messages it will stick in their minds.
oh and we are always exposed to subliminal messages wether its for advertising or to make haram look ok.
why do you think gays are now accepted and some people start having personality changes after listening to and seeing to much messages.

The Wisest of Man Is Not The One Who Knows, But The One Who Seeks Knowledge In Order To Perform

if you can get me some chocolate that would be great.

plus wasnt there something about how our brain can only take/see that many pictures at a time, so what they do is add an extra picture that we dont see but that get registered.

heard of backtracking anyone? scaaareh stuff.

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arn’t they haram? do they have something to do with jinnn? because i am muslim and i don’t to do somthing haram?