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Cantona says 7 December 2010 is Revolution Day againt the Banks.

Football Star takes on the banks. He wants to help the people who are being ripped off by rich fat cats. He says they are all cons who are fooling the people. They keep raises prices, more taxes, cutting services, raising fees, and find all sort of new ways to milk the poor people. He said banks must be punished. They caused the financial crisis and mass unemplyment.

French Government warns Eric Cantona

French ministers and bankers have warned that the call by the former Manchester United star, Eric Cantona, for citizens to withdraw all their money from banks on 7 December could wreck the banks and inititate double dip recession.

Eric Cantona's 'bank protest' becomes internet hit

A call by Cantona to bring down banks through mass withdrawals was propelled via the internet into a global bid to end the "corrupt, criminal" banking system.


France tells Cantona not to interfere with banks

French Finance Minister condemned Eric Cantona after he called for a new Revolution on 7th of December 2010.

He set the day of actions against corrupt bankers. He urged the public to take action now to stop this financial and economic mess. Canona told people to punish bankers by withdrawing their moneys from banks. It is banks that caused the economic crisis and people should take out their cash.

The former Manchester United star said banks must be punished for their role in the global recession.

Minister said Eric Cantona shold not interfere in politics and stick to football.

In an interview with Presse Ocean last month that has since become a YouTube hit, Cantona said millions of people could help to spark a revolution by withdrawing all their money from their bank accounts. Keep your money at home. Dont give it to the banks.

Many people are now listening to Cantona and getting ready to take action throughout december.

Cantona said in a video interview:

"What is the system?"
"It revolves around the banks, the system is built on the power of the banks,
so it can be destroyed through the banks."
"The three million people in the street, they go to the bank, withdraw their money,
and the banks collapse.
That's a real threat, there's a real revolution."

Governments across E.U. do not like the sound of such radical talk.

Protest groups are now calling on people to take their money out of their accounts on Dec. 7 in a coordinated bank run.