Your perception about Islamic Banks

Assalam alaikum

I am a research student in Scotland -UK. My research project is entitled "Perception about Islamic Banks". For this purpose, I have prepared questionaire and I would requestttttttt to give your honest opinion. If possible please forward the link to your friends and family and help me to collect 100 questionaire responses.

Please click here: Questionaire:"Perception about Islamic Banks"

Many thanks for your contribution in this research which I hope will contribute to the flourishness of this Islamic banking industry. May God reward you for your helpful and kind response.

I can also post you chocolate box as token of thanks if you email me your postal address

Shukran Jazeeelan


Awww, Didn't anyone help him? =[

If i knew anything about Islamic banking i might have.

And not even just for the box of chcolates xD

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But... it was long. I clicked the link and then never completed it.

It seemed a more generic questionnaire than one specifically on islamic bank though.

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It is long tho there is a section after the generic banking about islamic banking too