Ramadhan Poem

ummm, was jus readin issue 3 of revival n there's an article in it titled "be a muslim for life-not jus 30 days" and it reminded me of this poem i writ a couple of yrs bak n i thought id post it up. not one of my best but its alrite, i like to believe it gets its point across.
It was actually ramadhan wen i wrote this, n it really bugged me to see how ppl jus changed for a month n den afta carried on as if da month neva went by, n dats basically wot the poems about.


Once a year
According To The Moons stare
That special month
Draws ever near

Lie, shout, scream and swear
You do it all the time
And never care
Why stop now?
And put on that frown
You know its an act
Even worse than a clowns

Who are you tying to fool
When you act all calm and cool
Because the sharade wont last
Allah will see straight past

Its Ramadhan you say
"Im supposed to act this way"
But i'll tell you this my friends
One Month Of Decency and Pray
Will always keep you 11 months far away
From those Heavenly Gates
Which we wish to pass and stay

Adeel Akhtar

welcome 2 the forum, nice POEM adeel

Masha'Allah nice poem Smile

' Nay, verily! With me is my Lord, He will guide me ' {2662}

i think the shakespeare inside me has awoken:

the silent brakes here comes princess of terror
a rude awakening all transformed into horror

clowns come and clowns go
but this is different, this true magnetic anger

at what started off as a innocent thread
turned into a nasty experience for the reader....

ok ok enuf for now... i off to sleep.

FiGhT fIrE wItH fIrE

Mashallah fab poem...u write it?..

I received nothing I wanted
I received everything I needed.
My Prayer has been answered.