Oldham MEP Davies shocked by Gaza’s destruction

Davies shocked by Gaza’s destruction

AN OLDHAM Euro-MP has spoken of his horror and anger after witnessing the destruction caused in Gaza.

Lib-Dem Chris Davies was the only British politician to gain access to Gaza during the bombing and is the first to have returned since its end.

Israel launched its 22-day operation in response to militants firing rockets at its towns. About 1,300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died during the conflict.

Mr Davies described the sight of schools that had been flattened, of tower blocks with entire sides missing, and of hundreds of tents erected on waste ground in a bid to shelter the homeless.

But the most shocking sight he witnessed was that of industrial estates razed to the ground, factories burned out, and lorries and equipment deliberately destroyed.

He said: “Food-processing plants, concrete manufacturers and biscuit-makers, all have been obliterated, despite their owners making absolutely sure that the buildings were not being used by militants who could attract Israeli fire.

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