Call to offer faith class choice

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Call to offer faith class choice

Head teachers should allow imams, rabbis and priests to offer religious instruction to pupils in all state schools, teachers' leaders have said.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) said the move would be a way to reunite divided communities.

The NUT said parents had a right to have specific schooling in their own faith, if that was what they wanted.

But the Church of England disagreed, saying: "Religious instruction belongs with the religious institutions."

[b]'Not about indoctrination'[/b]

A Church of England spokesman said: "It is for religions to teach their faith to people; it is for schools to teach about religion.

"Faith schools are not about indoctrinating children in a particular faith."

He added: "Church schools are generally welcomed by parents, which explains why they tend to be over-subscribed."

But the NUT said having children taught at different faith-based schools had led to community breakdown in some areas.

Offering pupils some instruction in their own faith could reduce the demand for faith schools, said NUT General Secretary Steve Sinnott...

i think its just what the society needs especially with the yob culture.

i also it needs to be extended not just to state schools but should become part of the national curriculum.

so islamic schools should allow rabbis, priests and gurujis as part of religious education. of course these would be an brief introduction to the religion where q&a should be allowed.

[b][i]Round and round the Ka'bah,
Like a good Sahabah,
One step, Two step,
All the way to jannah[/i][/b]

I think there need to be more Muslim, Christian etc teachers in state schools. That's where they're needed the most and they're just lazing in their comfort zones! Take the challenge, mate!

Chin up, mate! Life's too short.