The 100th Name of God

In Islam Allah (swt) has been given many attributes or names revealed in the Qu'ran as well as through the Sunnah of the prophet (pbuh). Of which there are 99 which are considered the elite names.

The prophet (pbuh) once famously stated in a Hadith:

"Verily, there are ninety-nine names of God, one hundred minus one. He who enumerates them would get into Paradise." (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 4, no. 1410)

However it has been rumoured that there exists a 100th name which is hidden. In Sufism, the idea of the 100th name is most prominent. It has become the elusive object of mystic devotion, the symbol of God's transcendence. Some believe it is a name that will only be revealed by Imam Mahdi.

I know a number of people since they were very young have learnt the 99 names of Allah (swt) off by heart.

Has anyone here made a similar attempt:
What is the importance of reciting the 99 names?
Is it just another form of worship?
What do we think about the existence of a 100th name?

i've started learning the 99 names of Allah (swt), inshaa'Allah i hope to complete them by the end of ramadan. each name of Allah (swt) holds great blessings and is a wasifa in itself. reciting and learning the names of Allah (swt) is dhikr which is very rewardable so i personally think everyone should learn the names and then once they've learnt Allah (swt) names they should move onto learning the names of the holy prophet (saw).

regarding the 100th name of Allah (swt) i aint too sure, not heard of that before. if you could post a reliable link regarding the subject i would be grateful or if you could recommend a book. jaazakAllahu khairan.

There is a nasheed that recites the 99 names of Allah(swt) good way to learn it.
Apprently those who can recite the 99 names of Allah (swt) will automatically enter into heaven.

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There are way more than 100.

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If you would like to learn more about the 99 Names of Allah for example what the meaning of ar-Ra’oof The All-Kind “And verily Allaah is Ra’oof, Ever-Merciful.” Sooratun-Noor [24:20] Check out this is very useful and helpful website.


Interesting 99 names for God

The above site gives you 99 names.

Just a thought, if we are all created by God, or as some believe. "Made in Gods Image". Then Mankind just might be the 100th name for God?

If we hurt, or kill a person. it could be thought of as hurting or killing God's Creation?

 62  Al-Mumit (المميت)  The Taker of Life

Only God as the right to take a life, has God is the one who creates life.

12  Al-Khaliq (الخالق)  The Creator

Just a thought.


Shouldn't killing apply to all sentient beings as well? 

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