Japan: Student held over online mugging

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[size=18]Student held over online mugging[/size]

A student in Japan is arrested on charges of using an army of bots to mug players in an online role-playing game.

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A real lol moment!


I extend my deepest sympathy to the family while his online character recovers.

What sort of person would do such a thing?


I truly detest online video games - people get rediculously sucked into those things. Sad people for the most part.

I remember a kid trying to explain (in my Rome Treaty class) why we should be in awe of his level 18 wizard with X powers in world of Warcraft.

It is in that spirit I dedicate this link:

lol I am definitely the type of mean spirited person that would do that - I love all the careful planning they painstakingly work out too.