Jean Charles de Menezes


I would like to dedicate this thread to a good Catholic boy who is no longer with us.

My thoughts and prayers are with his parents and family.

Jean Charles de Menezes was a 28 year old boy from Brazil living in London on Scotia Road.

On 21 July 2005 the undercover police officers wrongly identified him as a potential terrorist.

He was apprehended by the London police officers.

He did not resist arrest.

The police then shot him with eight bullets in his face.

He died instantly on the train in the London Underground's Stokewell Tube Station.

Police officer responsible was making a positive identification did not take the matter seriously. He was taking the piss.


Isn't that racial profiling?

I highly doubt when they said "potential terrorist" they were inferring he was wearing a dynamite pack and mumbling things about the decadent west. I'm guess the whole dark skin young adult male thing what their "clue"


No. I think it was just an honest mistake by the police.

London police department does not go around picking on blacks or Asians to practice their shooting skills on.

I think they should dedicate something to the memory of Mr de Menezes.


Has there been an investigation into police misconduct?

but if any of you heard the new report which was on ITV....

1 - he got shot more times than we initially thought
2 - he wasnt wearing a 'padded' jacket - infact, a light denim one
3 - he wasnt on the run, he was infact sat down calmy on the tube
4 - he had no rucksack

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which mexican r u chatting about yashmaki?

as least have the decency to get his nationality right

or do all south/central americans look the same to you?

[color=red][i] "Patriotism and support for ones justice system is natural i suppose but it makes me wonder would the British ppl be as supportive if a white british youth had been killed, rather than a mexican immigrant? "

"What's the likelihood this guy even knew the difference between a pakistani and any other asian? He himself was a white middle class man? [/i][/color]

damn......hypocracy is something else....

i aint suprised da police have turned out to be a pack of liars AGAIN


Guildford 4
Birmingham 6

how can we believe a single word da authorites say?

tony blair is a liar

intellegence services r liars

police are liars

the truth is dead

POWER TO THE PEOPLE not meaning to be hostile...but c'mon....u accussing ppl of being racist and not being able to tell the difference, or care at all, about immigrants...and then u disrespect this innocent man by calling him a mexican

sorry...but u must be able to see da hypocracy...

again...i apologise for the rudeness...i dont mean to be offensive...

aside from that...i agree that the police are untrustworthy and that a major cover up is going on....



"yashmaki" wrote:

Don't wana say i told you so but when i initially heard radio reports of so called eye witness accounts i took them with a pinch of salt. One guy said he saw what looked like a pakistani man running over the barriers into the tube. What's the likelihood this guy even knew the difference between a pakistani and any other asian? He himself was a white middle class man? Even i can't always tell an asians' ethnic background just on appearances.

Despite this the station continued to replay this eye witness account, giving the public the impression that this was a "reliable" source.

That witness does seem very dodgy now.

How can you think somone who calmly sat on his seat was running petrified?
How can you think that someone who was sitting in his seat, ran and tripped, and was then pushed to the ground by police?
How can you think that someone who was shot in his seat was shot after being pinned to the ground?

'Convenient witness' IMO.

But maybe [url= explains it[/url]. :?