Womans Rights in Islam

Nonsense article 

Women don't decide for themselves to wear hijaab or not Allah and already decided that they must wear the hijaab same as men trousers above ankle we don't decide that Allah decided that for us 

Are women treated fairly in Islamic majority Countries?

Jan 18, 2019 Anne-Marie Slaughter , Ashley Jackson

Many diplomats privately concede that women’s rights are not a high priority in peace talks with the Taliban. But a peace agreement without some guarantees for half the Afghan population is not worth having, and a deal that is not partly negotiated by women is much less likely to hold.

Is the above link western Islamaphobic propaganda, or the truth?

It would be nice to hear from a womans viewpoint? but the main reason As i see it is there is a fear of woman being treated as equals by Islamic males. After all 50% of the human race is women, Women account for most of the childcare of youngsters. It maybe a reason why Islamic countries have and are falling behind westernised countries, who make more use of their woman, educate them equally and respect them as equals [in most cases].

Over to the millenial Muslims for their views. it does not apply to old fogies who are over the hill