Rewards on Laylatul Qadr Worth More than a Lifetime of Worship!

[U][B]Rewards on Laylatul Qadr Worth More than a Lifetime of Worship![/B][/U]

The Night of Power is better than a 1000 months, which is over 83 years. Therefore any act of worship during this night is rewarded to worship equal to over 83 years. Subhanallah!

 This applies to prayers, Qur'an recitation, Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah) and giving to charity and so on.

Giving to charity during the Night of Power (Laylat-ul-Qadr) for example is equal to an act of giving to charity for a 1000 months = 83.33 years x 365 days = over 30,415 days.

Therefore giving just £10 to charity during such a night is equal to £300,000!

Reciting each letter of the Quran is worth over 300,000 good deeds (10 rewards each letter × 30,415 days = 304,000 good deeds


We must make the best of this opportunity to gain immense and unimaginable rewards and do as many good deeds as possible tonight and every night remaining of Ramadan and know that we can gain rewards worth more than A lifetime of worship!!!

The generosity of Allah is not measurable it is infinite!