My Last Ramadan before death

Quite a moving video, May God take him and treat him mercifully.

The last question is one for us all, "All Humankind, not just Muslims". If was to die before the next Ramadan. Or if God was to take your life today or next week? Are you ready for it?

In my own instance, whilst in good health, i am reaching my 3 score years and ten and no doubt i shall die when God decides. But i am a Christian, have always tried to follow the teachings of Jesus. Have not always been successful, but i believe in a just and merciful God. Who i believe will judge me as i have judged/treated others.

I believe in the golden rule, treat others as you would like them to treat you. no one is perfect, one can only strive to do ones best. Humankind is unique in the fact that he knows that he will die sometime. Depending on his beliefs, the soul/spirit will go to heaven, or hell/purgatory, or if he believes in no God. Life ends, the body simply rots and that is it.

The other thing Humankind can do is create a heaven on earth, or create a hell on earth. Humankind can be both generous, build wonderful civilisations, and live in harmony with other people and nature. Or Humankind can be greedy, selfish, destroy wonderful civilisations and be intolerent of other people and nature.

Jesus was no leader of armies, neither did he force people to obey his ideas, He simply set an example of how Humankind should get along with each other. leaving behind no great writings or rules. These came after his sacrifice on the cross for all Humankind. The only rule he left was

Be honest and treat others as you would hope that they will treat you. Not to mention Jesus's prayer to his desciples. Which sums up a simple way for all Humankind to live.

Our Father who is in Heaven. Special is your name, May your Kingdom come on earth as in Heaven.

Father treat us as we have treated others and forgive us our failings.

Give us this day, sufficient for our needs.

For yours is the Earth and all that is in it and on it. And shall be for all time.


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