"Captain Hook" Abu Hamza confirms he worked for MI5!

From the horse's mouth. There were always questions if many of the extremists who had much publicity had links to the UK's security services. Here is one of their former stooges admitting to it. 

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri secretly worked for MI5, his lawyers have told his US terror trial.

The defence claimed the Egyptian-born preacher, who was giving evidence for the first time in his trial in New York, had been tasked to "keep the streets of London safe".

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This seems to have snook under the radar - it is actually very big news and something ideally the UK government should have to answer for. But it wont get asked because no one is paying attention.

There were always questions about the free movement of certain individuals who were never representing the mainstream Muslims who seemed to get access to publicity, free travel around the world etc far more easily than would be expected especially when mainstream Muslims like Yusuf Islam had trouble getting into America.

There were always suspicions that these people, including Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and Majid Nawaaz could have links to the security services.

Now one of them suggests that this was the case, but no one is paying attention.

The British government has questions to answer because this is the case, then the extremism and islamophobia that the Muslim community is facing was aided and abetted by them. How far did their links go? Were they linked to successful attacks such as those that occurred in London in July 2005?

These questions need answering.

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