[Theoretical science] Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram

A team of physicists has provided some of the clearest evidence yet that our Universe could be just one big projection.

In 1997, theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena proposed1 that an audacious model of the Universe in which gravity arises from infinitesimally thin, vibrating strings could be reinterpreted in terms of well-established physics. The mathematically intricate world of strings, which exist in nine dimensions of space plus one of time, would be merely a hologram: the real action would play out in a simpler, flatter cosmos where there is no gravity.



Interesting.  I wonder what impact this has on philosophy.

Also, they skimmed past this, but 9 dimensions of space?

Should this freak me out?


I don't know... its interesting and complicated and I do not understand it all.

I was trying to read up on the 9 dimensions bit... never got very far but that is interesting.

The idea is that our comprehension of reality is very limited, and that has philosophical questions.

Then the idea of the universe being a "projection", does that theory imply its like a computer program? I think I heard somewhere a few yers ago (maybe that show by professor cox?) that the  theory behind it is that the methematical formulas that explain the universe are too perfect, so perfect that the only way to describe the universe is in maths and not words.

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