Why do you not pray?

[B]Why do you not pray?[/B]


Oh my brother and sister, why do you not pray?

Why do you not pray when Allah has created you and has given you everything? And all he asks of you in return is a few minutes of each day and you cannot even give him that?

Why do you not pray when he could have made you a non believer yet he chose you and gave you imaan(faith)?

Why do you not pray when it is the very purpose of your life and creation?

Why do you not pray when the prayer is so important that Almighty Allah had to call the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) to himself, through the 7 heavens to his throne, in order to give the Ummah of Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) the prayer?

Why do you not pray when it is the prayer which distinguishes between faith and disbelief?

Why do you not pray when you know that you can die at any second and you risk dying without being able to utter the Shahada (proclamation of Islamic faith), due to the test of shaythan and therefore risk dying without imaan (faith)?

Why do you not pray when you risk seeing the Angel of Death in its worst and most ugly and disgusting form and appearance where it will handle the disobedient in a terribly harsh manner, forcing the soul from the body and dragging it away!

Why do you not pray when in the grave the two angels will ask you questions about your faith and you may not be able to answer them?

Why do you not pray when you know that you risk getting the grave punishment which is a punishment so severe that the Earth will constantly crush the body until the ribs interlock into each other, and the worst vermin of the Earth like snakes, scorpions and other creatures will constantly bite on the body?

Why do you not pray when you know you will certainly face Allah and the first question you will be asked is about the prayer? How will you answer it if you don't pray? If you fail to answer the first question then you will definitely fail to answer the rest of the questions!

Why do you not pray when you know that you are sacrificing the Hereafter which is for eternity just for this short temporary life which can end at any moment? You will not be able to take anything with you from this life except your deeds! Then what will you have to save you if you do not pray?

Why do you not pray when you know what a terrible day the day of Judgement day will be, where so many people will be in a state of terror and worry, and the sun will be above our heads and many will drown in their own sweat! There will be no water or shade except for the righteous!

Why do you not pray when you know you may end up in the fire, a place of terrible torture and torment that no one will ever have witnessed before. Where the fuel for the blazing fire will be of men and stones and there will be no drink except for boiling water and no food except for thorny plants and the blood, sweat and pus of the inhabitants! It is a place where it even seeks refuge from Allah against itself!

Why do not pray when you know you risk losing eternal happiness and bliss in Paradise where we can have whatever our hearts desire forever! It is a place where every inhabitant will be eternally beautiful and youthful without ever getting ill, or being inflicted with disease, nor will there be any depression nor unhappiness nor any pain. There will be no hatred, enmity, jealousy or malice. A life so pure and everlasting. Then how can we trade such a place for this short and temporary existence? How can eternity be traded for a short passing journey? The limited pleasures of this life can never be compared to the unlimited pleasures of Paradise!

Why do you not pray when you risk losing something better than Paradise. A gift to the believer like no other. Something that no other creation of Allah's has seen. Do you want to know what it will be? It will be the moment when Almighty Allah the most exalted and high reveals his beautiful face for the first time. It will be to the inhabitants of Paradise! How do you expect to be amongst the inhabitants of Paradise on that day when you do not pray?

Therefore you must pray and not ever miss another prayer again lest death overcomes you which can happen at any second. Do not waste anymore time as our time is short.

So know that all is not lost if you start from now and not intentionally miss another prayer again for your eternity depends on it! Otherwise there will be utter regret but by then it will be too late.

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