"123456" is the most popular password

Recently through a hack of Adobe website/infrastructure, about 38 million passwords were leaked online.

, it has turned out that the most popular password, used by 2.9 million of the users was "123456".

According to BBC News, the top 20 passwords were:

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. password
  4. adobe123
  5. 12345678
  6. qwerty
  7. 1234567
  8. 111111
  9. photoshop
  10. 123123
  11. 1234567890
  12. 000000
  13. abc123
  14. 1234
  15. adobe1
  16. macromedia
  17. azerty
  18. iloveyou
  19. aaaaaa
  20. 654321

If yours is in the list, don't admit to it. Would potentially lead to people attempting to break into your accounts. (People other than the NSA/GCHQ - they are already in there and probably know almost as much about you as the angels on your shoulders).

What an unimaginative lot.

Back in BLACK

There was this website link that I was shown a while back. You type in your password and it'll tell you how long it would take for it to be discovered. Admin might know what i'm talking about. You heard of it?


Nope, i dont know it.

But I would be careful there, if I wanted to collect people's passwords and stuff, thats the perfect site to set up.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

You don't need to give any personal details. Maybe we should use the local libraries' computers for this so that our own gadgets don't get hacked lol. (Tries to be serious. This is not a laughing matter).


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