Sunni prisoners facing execution in Iran

There are a total of 26 Sunni prisoners who are due to be executed for openly propagating their faith. The execution date for four of these prisoners is this Saturday, the 21st of September, 2013.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHRI) reported that some prisoners, like Kaveh Vaisi and Pourya Mohammadi, were forced to make televised false confessions after the safety of their families was threatened. They also reported that many of the prisoners were severely tortured upon arrest. In November 2012 ten Sunni prisoners faced trial, and, in a court case that lasted only ten minutes, were all sentenced to death. Reports from the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) and testimonies from the prisoners expose the shocking level of mistreatment suffered by these prisoners. In their court appearance they were blindfolded, handcuffed and shackled at the ankles. They were given electric shocks by Iranian Intelligence officials, and the attorney that was assigned to defend them was also threatened to remain silent. Six of the ten prisoners were executed in December 2012. Four prisoners now face imminent execution, they are:

-Jamshed Dehghani
-Jahangir Dehghani
-Hamed Ahmadi
-Kamal Malaie

The remaining Sunni prisoners on death row in Iran are likely to be executed soon. We ask all Muslims to raise their voices in support of their Muslim brothers and sisters and to support this call for the release of the hostages and to stop the execution of innocent Muslims.

SIGN THE PETITION. We do not know what benefit it will have signing this, but we know that when we will be asked by Allah what did we do, at least we can say , we did something whilst our brothers are facing death...if our intention is correct, Allah can make anything possible. Alhamdulillah.