Google Glass(es)

Always wished to have something like this. Sooo many times when driving you see some great scenery and you just wish you could take a camera out and capture that exact moment but obv it's impossible most of the time...simply put, i'll deffo invest in this if it does the job

...and then glasses were cool.


that aside, are we getting closer and closer to our dreamlike future we saw in those old movies, (and the new ones) a bit like whatshisname..iron man! iron man's suit view is. soon we'll have a little male or female voice telling us "this is a bad idea..based on my calculations, the probability of fatality is extremely high sir/madam; i recommend you do not attempt this"

attention span will decrease to just over zero, face to face interaction abilities? we'll be in awe when we get to see someone in 3D lol.

sometimes, you see an amazing scenery and you wish you could capture it forever. then you cherish that memory. but now you can take a picture and save it on an external hardrive and when it alll gets wiped all gets wiped out eh? our brain wont bother storing those memories because we didnt ask it to.

noticed how old/older people can remember those amazing stories when they were kids? i cnt remember my sister's babyhood (and shes only 5) but i have thousands of pictures.

well its all up to each and everyone of us and what we prefer. i found the vid amazing. that first verson view is very rare and amazing.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Wooow... I WANT ONE!.....

Back in BLACK

The concept is cool but they look very distracting. I would hope they don't show Google Ads all day.


All media gadgets have pros and cons and the key to using them for good is the choice not to use them when you don't need them, to switch off after the program or to put the phone down. Google Glasses have the potential to remove that element of choice. Already phones, TVs and computers have created a world so small that advertisers and purveyors of immorality and corruption can invade our lives and disrupt our best intentions, and in company we and the people we are with are continually distracted, in ten places at once. I think it is too much to have all that perched on my nose when I am out and about.

  • It can never be satisfied, the mind, never. -- Wallace Stevens