ISrael Lobby in UK - Peter Oborne

quite an old programme but here i cam across it today and it was VERY interesting. I didnt even know what a lobby was an hour ago!



there's loads of stuff i research while pausing the programme. they mentionned lots of names and stuff. so there's "worlds apart" havent read it yet. its quite long. but i look forward to, seems EXTREMELY interesting. im sure the printed version must be a lot more comfy to read.


then there's those..hmm zionist (?) - which reminds me i need to research significance of Zionism- or.. pro- Israel websites that just watches the news and attacks anythign remotedely anti Israel.

so there's which hates the Guardian basically.

there's CAMERA which is an american one. and stuff like that.


its REALLY interesting to know that our politicians are GREAT buddies with Israel, receiving thousands of pounds just for mentionning Israel in a nice way. and Israel Lobby groups BULLY the media to stop them frm writing/publishing etc.. anything anti-Israel. or in their own words. Anti-semite. ( those who dont know. Israel people use the anti-semite words to guilt trip anyone who dares speak against Israel)

so there's the producer of the above mentionned programme. Mr Henshaw. who was called a horrible anti-semite. but hey! he also produced the dispatches undercover mosque investigation thingy, remember that? so back then he was an Islamophobe. so here's what's he got to say:


in the dispatches; there's also mention of "the birth of Israel" the BBC doc made by Jeremy Bowen. poor Mr Bowen got also bullied and stuff by pro ISraeli Lobbies. so here's the doc for you to watch: quite good and interesting. especially the bit abt the other arab nations and their super disappointing intentions of "helping" Palestinians.


all very captivating. now. onto Zionism...


ps: forgot something: George Galloway!