Assalámu `alaykum wa rahmatulláhi wa barakátuhu .

I pray that you are under the shade of Allah's mercy, in the circle of his generosity and
in the remembrance of his habib sallallahu alayhi wasallam insha'Allah,

We would like to invite you to the following:

Islamic Circles Presents


Date: Sunday 10th July 2005
Time: 11.00 am - 1.00 pm
Venue: Froud Centre, 1 Toronto Avenue, Manor Park, London, E12 5JF

The Muslim community is facing many conflicts. These are a result of
a break-down of communication within the family. Come and hear about
how a resolution can be found and the role that mediation can play
in bringing families, couples, neighbours and even mosque committees
together. In light of the recent events in London, the important role
that mediation can play in helping to resolve conflicts on a larger
scale will also be discussed.

Guest speakers: Abu Muntasir (Imam, President of JIMAS and Qualified
Software Engineer), Shahnawaz Haque (Qualified Psychotherapist and
Friday Imam), Detective Superintendent Peter South (Scotland Yard
Flying Squad), and members of the Muslim Mediation Service.

* All welcome
* Free snacks and refreshments
* Creche facility available


Buses: 25, 147, 86
Nearest Tube: East Ham (District Line)
Nearest Rail: Manor Park (From Liverpool St)



Road: From the A406 (North Circular), turn off at Ilford and go towards Central London along the A118
(Romford Road). The Froud Centre is located on the 4th intersection on the right.

Rail: Come out of Manor Park station onto Station Road. Cross over, turn right and walk to the main
traffic lights. Turn left at this junction onto Romford Road. Walk 300 metres up the road. The Froud
Centre is located on the 5th intersection on the left.

Tube: Come out of East Ham station, cross over to the opposite side and catch the 147 bus. Ask the
driver to drop you off on Romford Road near the petrol station. When you exit the bus turn left and
walk 100 metres up the road. The Froud Centre will be on your right.

For more details contact:
Tel: 07092 032 136 / 07092 032 763

Wassalaam 'alaikum wa rahmatullaah.

Admin - Islamic Circles

- Islamic Circles is a community-based initiative that has been running at the Froud Centre since
January 2001. We hold Islamic lectures and Arabic classes on a weekly basis, and also organise
with a wide range of regular events and activities, including short courses, seminars, workshops on issues relevant to the Muslim community, social gatherings like Eid parties, matrimonial
services and events and much more.