'Heroes of Islam' Youth Convention

Annual Youth Convention
'Heroes of Islam'

Saturday 9th July 2005

London Muslim Centre (LMC)
Whitechapel, London, E1

A Brief Introduction

The AYC 2005 is set to be one of the largest brothers only gatherings of Muslim youth in one specific place to share with one another the beauty of Islam and brotherhood.

The Annual Youth Convention (AYC) is a holistic display of the deen of al Islam in all its glories, it shall attempt to dispel the myths to the shabab that Islam is 'boring', that it is 'crazy' or for only 'old people'.


Every nation has its own heroes, of which some are real whilst others are mythical. Muslims have no need to look for fictitious or imaginary heroes.

Our history is full of heroes' Men and Women who changed the face of the Earth. It was their faith, their attitude to life and outlook towards the world which made them the heroes that they were and still remain. For all the heroes of Islam share two very special traits: Firstly full conviction and dedication to their faith and Secondly the constant attempt to seek the pleasure of their Creator, Allah, alone.

YMOUK invite you to the Annual Youth Convention 2005 - 'Heroes of Islam'. Come and discover who the true Heroes are. Learn and take from these heroes and let them be role models in your lives. We call to all the youth to come and learn the exalted position of the youth in Islam and learn the role of true Muslim youth. Above all, we desire you come so that you can commit your 'prayers and your sacrifices, your living and your dying for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.'

Guest Speakers:

Imam Mustafidh Ghani
Imam Abdul Qayyum
Shaykh Haytham Al-Haddad
Br. Abul Khayer Ali
Ustadh Dr. Kamal el-Helbawy
Shaykh Hasan Ali
and many others


Martial Arts Display
Nasheed & Drama
Video Presentation
Bazaar & Dinner
And much, much more besides

The Annual Youth Convention (AYC) is organised by Young Muslim Organisation UK (YMOUK)

This strictly a brothers only event.
All tickets are £3.00 direct from YMOUK brothers.
For tickets, more info, stalls, or other enquiries please call 07946 333 340, e-mail youthlinkproject -at- hotmail -dot- com

The Annual Youth Convention (AYC) 2005 'Heroes of Islam' is honoured to be sponsored by Muslim Aid.