An Eye Opening Seminar!

[b]Have you ever wondered why inspite of knowing the good deeds we fail to practice them or find it hard to carry them out?

have you ever wondered why some people are successful in doing good deeds and why others are not?

why is it that we find it hard to obey Allah (Swt) and find it easy to please Satan by commiting sins?

if you would like to know the answers to the following questions then why not come to this free [color=Red]EYE OPENING SEMINAR [/color] which will be done with special slide show presentation InshaAllah!

[color=Red]for more information please contact brother Shah: 07780875667 or 0161 351 1975 this event is for both brothers and sisters![/b][/color] Smile


"liberty4women" wrote:
do u have to book a place? slaaam

Assalamualicum no you dont have to book in, i found out just that if your interested then you just have to be there! :idea:
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