~*Charity week for orphans*~

[color=magenta]As’salaamu alaykum

Next week (16th-21st October) will be CHARITY WEEK FOR ORPHANS inshaAllah where all the universities in London take part in a competition to see who can raise the most money for Islamic relief. Our sixth form is the only sixth form taking part and we will be competing against all the London universities. Last year we came 2nd and the year before we came 3rd we will be aiming for number 1 this year inshaAllah. My girls and I will be in various locations in London that week (mostly east London) so if you are in the area please try and donate any spare change you got.

Below I am including where you can find us and when:[/color]

[color=darkviolet][b]Monday: East Ham (2.00pm-4.30pm)
Tuesday: Green Street (2.00pm-4.30pm)
Wednesday: Stratford and Regents Park Mosque area (11.00am-1.00pm)
Thursday: East Ham (9.30am-1.00pm)[/b][/color]

[color=magenta]see you there inshaAllah

make dua this goes down a storm[/color]