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Assamualaikum Brother,

I would just like to start by saying we all know you are trying to do a good job in the way of Allah by writing a magazine for the Muslim youth but have you ever really thought about the topics you are writing about?!? Banging on about the youth of this time and pointing out how misguided they are and writing about what you think people get up to these days in not going to want to make youngsters embrace our religion.

In the latest issue all you talked about was online romances and those two silly girls having a conversation. This is not the way to draw youngsters to our religion. I don’t think I learnt a single thing by reading your magazine and it’s not just this latest issue. It’s been the previous few issue too.

I know that I’m not the only one who feels like this but almost all the people I know who read the latest copy were not impressed, which is what prompted me to email you this.

Please do us all a big favour and start writing about our Islam and teaching the youth out there how wonderful and relevant to their everyday life style our Islam is. Showing someone the path and guiding them in this way you will definitely get more people practicing. No one likes it when people keep going on about how bad they think they are, it only makes them more aggressive and moves them further from he truth.

Shazia Tanveer, Manchester


Overall thumbs up! As general note, personally I believe that if the front cover is eye-catching it will have a different affect on the reader about the overall magazine; this front cover wasn’t all that at all. Maybe for future ones, please go bright! Like Pimp my ride and make it question the reader so they read on.

Asmah Zahir, Bradford

Salaam bro

Read the last issue of The Revival and I think what you’re doing is good. It’s prob the only Islamic thing I read coz it ain’t boring. It’s got a good mix of stuff but I think you should have more stuff in there that people can learn from and a quiz or something which tests peoples knowledge, coz I already know a lot of the basic stuff from mosque. Anyway, great mag and I’ll look out for the next issue.

Amir, Derby


To be frank and perfectly honest....BORING!!! What happened to the types of issues that me and my little sis used to fight over to say who is going to have the first read? The time when I used to almost fall off me chair as it was sooo funny...or distracted with my uni essays coz revival was very interesting and informative... with current update issues/topics that really gripped me as a Muslim sister...what went wrong? Horribly wrong...come on Revival Team go back to what you were and are still good at!!!

You can do it. We will all do dua that Inshallah you all get back on track. I hope this helps u for future articles. I’m very sorry if I was being harsh but that is my own personal opinion and forgive me if I have offended anyone. I know that you are doing this for the sake and pleasure of Allah (swt) so I make Dua that He rewards you abundantly for all your efforts. I make due that future revivals continue for years to come and have a major impact on the Muslim youth to inspire them to see the beautiful light of Islam Inshallah.

Nadia, Birmingham


I think The Revival is a really good magazine! Me and my sisters have all read it and we all thought it was really funny. That Aliyah n Jameela article was the best coz it was really funny as well as educational. My family isn’t really that religious so I did learn a lot from your magazine and this ramzaan I’m def going to try harder and take it more seriously. Definitely going to check out your website. Please can you try and have something about ramzaan in the next issue, because I would like to learn more about it. Thanx and can’t wait for the next issue.

Aisha, Middlesborough

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