Zionists cannot pretend that Jews don't exist

Something that I have known for a long time is that Zionism and Judaism are two separate things.

What I didn't know was that I was a successful victim of zionist propaganda and generally thought that non-zionist Jews were between very rare to non-existant to the extent that difference of being Zionist or Jewish had been lost as mainly an academic distinction.

The recent Israeli Militia attacks and massacres in Gaza have tought me something else: Not only are there a sizeable number of non-zionists out there, they are also amongst the bravest, taking im at the most orchestrated media machine and taking the stick they are given.

Jews have protested for the people of Gaza and against the actions of Israel in the UK, America and even in Israel.

Today, Jews in New York held protests against the American "Friends of IDF". They have been vocal and active.

This has been a huge problem for zionists because they want to give a different narative - that to be Jewish means to be Zionist. But these brave people have made it clear that that is not the truth.

The fight between Zionism and Judaism, is played in . It is a very good listen.

Gaza has united many people because when it comes to humanity, we are all united. Muslim, non Muslim: Jewish, Christian or other, we don't need to share the same beliefs, we just need to have a heart.