Views on a nuclear Iran

This weekend more talks are underway to try to get some sort of deal with Iran in relation to its nuclear programmes. At the last round France had destroyed the chance of a settlement being reached.

While Iran has not made a concerted effort to produce nuclear warheads, it shouldn't write them off the table too easily.

Iran has a good reason to get a settlement - it (supposedly) stops the US from attacking and the cripling warlike sanctions imposed by the US but (at gunpoint) honoured by the rest of the world may be eased allowing some respite for the people.

However Iran should be wary as history repeats the tale of the nation which gave up something key as part of some grand bargain only for its enemies to destroy it shortly afterwards.

This isn't just the recent tales of Iraq and Libya compared with North Korea, you can go back further in history and see the same pattern, even goinas far back as the punic wars between Rome and Carthage when as terms of a peace settlement Carthage agreed to sink its warfleet. Go forward a few decades and Carthage had been destroyed.

IMO every country should have a right to nuclear weapons and obtain them.



"IMO every country should have a right to nuclear weapons and obtain them."


Yeah, I dunno why the US should be the ones to decide who has them who doesn't.

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