On Student loans and controlling people

Big news this weekends is that by £6000 at the start of this parliament a few years ago.

The math they did was that as long as they had to write off less then around 48% of student loans, they would be better off. Now it seems already they have to write off around 45%, and that figure keeps rising.

Bigger News is that the Lib Dems, who campaigned against tuition fees and then said they had to change their mind to save the government some money are proven wrong.

So now we have a system where the student is more indebted at the end of the education cycle, all without a financial benefit to the government.

(btw, since the loans were government loans, the benefit wouldnt have been felt by the government for a very long time anyway as fee collection would naturally be a few years after giving the loans.)

So what gives?

People control.

People in debt have no time to worry about the niceties of life or idealism. They have to get working in order to stay afloat.

I'll leave the last words on this to Tony Benn, who died recently:



I remember sharing this Noam Chomsky quote on the fees topic "Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society, Chomsky suggested. “When you trap people in a system of debt . they can’t afford the time to think.” Tuition fee increases are a “disciplinary technique,” and, by the time students graduate, they are not only loaded with debt, but have also internalized the “disciplinarian culture.” This makes them efficient components of the consumer economy."

Ridiculous that they don't even benefit from it!!

Is there anyone like Tony Benn around now? I don't know of anyone.

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi