Run: The Muslims are coming!

Its election season in the arab world, and we are currently on the third election - Egypt.

In the first elections in Tunisia, the Islamic minded party, Al Nahda (arabic for "The Awakening" or "The Renaissance" or dare I say it, "The Revival") was the leading party.

It should get a big say in the interim government which decides the future of the country (however it is possible that all the other parties could unite to keep it out of power).

The second elections were in Morocco last week, where once again, the largest part was the Islamic minded Islamic Justice and Development Party (PJD) won the most seats and with the changes in the country's constitution earlier this year, it means that they will form the govenrment and provide the prime minister in this kingdom democracy.

Now we are on to egypt - the place with an unfinished revolution which has seen the people return to Tahrir square in order to warn the military junta which took over after the ousting of Hosni Mubarak that they must go too - that is having the first phase of its staggered elections today (the whole thing is expected to take quite a while, so no quick winners yet). The party that is expected to do very well in the elections is the Muslim Brotherhood - another Islamic minded party.

Forgetting potential concerns with the fitness of the Muslim Brotherhood to govern, we are now at a point where Islamic minded parties are finally being given a chance in the political field and they are becoming across the board (Turkey was the first here, when the electorate elected the Justice and Development party (AKP) to power in 2002).

It is an interesting world out there, and if the other parties can do nearly as well as the AKP has done in Turkey, we are in for a treat where the people of these countries will have access to more freedoms, prosperity and opportunities than they can remember in recent history.


I wish all the egyptians Mubarak

My English is not very good

lollywood wrote:
I wish all the egyptians Mubarak

they already had 30 yrs of mubarak!

Don't just do something! Stand there.

lollywood wrote:
I wish all the egyptians Mubarak


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The preliminary election results from the first round now have been delayed for the second time. Which is bad news as often delaying results is to allowfor them to be manipulated.

There were reports that the Muslim Brotherhood would be the largest party and mmay have won between 40 and 50% of the votes cast.

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