Ramadan - the month to fight the demon within

The month of Ramadan has stated and Shaytaan has been locked away.

Now we can focus on the demon within. We all have out issues and problems. Some of them we can clearly categorise as demons.

This is the month where we can build our reserves of patience and challenge the demons within. We wont win all the battles, but any victory over the self is a victory.

People are often easier to anger this month but we need to remember this is the easiest most obvious demon to challenge and beat. Other demons are deeper and may require acquiring more knowledge, overcoming prejudice, finding injustice and improving how we handle ourselves.

We also need to remember the oppression in the wider world and do dua that it gets defeated, give charity where we can help financially. The reward for good deeds are multiplied in this month.

Inshallah we will all benefit from this month.