New year, new horizons (?)

Well, the new year has started. Either less than 24 hours ago or more than a three of months ago depending on how we look at it.

The previous year was an eventful one, but it was also one where this website went from deep sleep to hibernation. or from hibernation to a comatose state.

Now the question is where we go from here. We can either stay where we are.

Or we can get new blood, new writers and release some new content.

I dont know about others but I would enjoy reading the following:

  • Information about Kashmir from a Kashmiri
  • An analysis of Syrian events from a Syrian
  • Comment on Burma by someone from the Rohingya community
  • The state of Muslims in China from a Uighur or Hui Muslim.
  • The state of Egypt by an Egyptian.

and likewise for many other issues, whether geographic or not, to hear and read from stake holders.

Of course recently I am one of the few that uses this platform and I cant say that I can fulfil the requirements of those bullet points.

A short while ago Uighur muslim contributed an article about the oppression of the Uighur community, before the scale of the latest oppression became apparent and public knowledge. It was more of a primer and an introduction as opposed to something deeper which cant be done without first introducing it to the world.  I enjoyed the experience and I liked the idea of giving a voice to the community itself instead of someone from a more privileged background writing about it in a semi orientalist faction.

This also applies to other fields - a woman's voice on defending Muslim women is much more powerful than a man, no matter how powerful he writes as it will be seen as a sign of patriarchy.

The question is if there is any interest in utilising this platform in such a way and if there are people who may be motivated to do the "people stuff" to liaise with relevant stakeholders to write and obtain contributions.

Oh yeah, we also need someone or few people to write about Dirilis:Ertugrul and why all of you must watch it right now.


I have made a few small changes to the theme on the website. I have not fully developed the ideas but the plan is to have a new all singing all dancing website by the summer.

The backend updates are mostly planned out (an upgrade from drupal 7 to drupal 8 for the geeks that are reading along), the front end less so.

I plan a single column layout like I have changed most content pages, with a bit more refinement to the design. In relation to colours, they need to be updated. the current colours were taken from an over version of the Material Design colour palette. These can be updated to the latest palette or maybe something totally different.

The aim of the design will be to introduce more white space and make everything feel more free.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.