Labour just don't get privacy/liberty.

In recent days I have heard of two different incidents which tell me that Labour just does not get the idea of the right to privacy and liberty.

First, there was the suggestion that speed cameras should be "reversed" to also "reward good drivers". Ofcourse this would mean tracking each and every journey to decide who the good drivers are etc, instead of only keeping on record those that speed.

and now after the Jo Yeates murder, another Labour MP has suggested that all men in Bristol should submit their DNA for testing in order to find the killer.

Maybe its what being in power for 143 years does, but Labour seriously need to sort out their views on civil liberties and right to privacy.

Atleast due the cost cutting the ConDems are doing, they are not in a strong position to further curtail these rights, and have actually taken steps in the right direction.



Well...... the views of ONE Labour MP does not reflect the views of them all (although it could, but let's not jump the gun. Just like the views of Nick Clegg don't reflect the view of many Lib Dem MPs or supporters.
It's a sad time for politics ;(

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