Integrity, or the lack of it (Blair to teach in the US on faith ) and other musings

hoho, another funny news story I just spotted on the beeb:


Blair to teach in the US on faith

Tony Blair is to teach students at Yale University in the US when he leads a seminar on faith and globalisation.

The former prime minister has been appointed as a fellow at Yale and will begin teaching next year.

The prestigious Connecticut university said the work was related to Mr Blair's Faith Foundation which will be launched later this year.

Now Mr Tony "I will apologise for things I have not done, but not apologise for things I have" Blair, who waited until after his premiership finished to become a catholic will be teaching others about faith. Maybe he will revive his and Bill Clinton's "third way" movement. This reminds me of Rory Bremner's play on the "Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them" quote about good old William Jefferson Clinton:

Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and others can do great speeches.

which leads me nicely (well not really, but you know...) to [url= Onion[/url]. America's Finest News Source. Firstly the Profile for [url= Clinton[/url] is rather good.

[b]Iraq War:[/b]
"I would never have voted for the war had we known it would become unpopular."

But lets leave that and go to the real meat of the matter: their subliminal attemps at having the next president assassinated. FIrst I have:

The Onion[/url]]

Nation's Presidential Assassins Still Undecided

NEW YORK— As evidenced by the hundreds of newspaper clippings of various presidential candidates glued to his bedroom walls and ceiling, Vietnam veteran Dale Patrick Seaver, 52, is clearly an informed voter. But after watching over 50 debates, countless speeches, and nonstop campaign coverage at "all hours of the night," this presidential assassin has not yet decided who his choice will be in November.

"Usually I know well in advance who I want to win," the Bronx resident said while assembling his M40 United States Marine Corp standard-issue sniper rifle. "But there are just too many good choices—a black man, a woman, and a war hero who frequently advocates sending my brothers straight back into death's cold embrace."

and secondly just watch this: [url= Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early[/url] (watch it)

Conspiracy ya think? I think they are guilty. [url=/blogs/you/cowboy-justice]There is precedent[/url].

EDIT - wanna see the most important issue for the elections? [url= this[/url]. (warning - profanity)


"Madagascar makes bid for 2016 Olympics with three new tents and a dirt road"


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