Hysteria over Jeremy Corbyn

The Telegraph's attempted smear of Jeremy Corbyn

The Telegraph's attempted smear of Jeremy Corbyn
The Telegraph's attempted smear of Jeremy Corbyn

It has now been a few weeks since Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the leader if the Labour Party.

I thought he was a decent person and after initially being underwhelmed by the candidates in the leadership election, I eventually got behind him and even paid to vote. (I am still debating whether to join the Labour Party though, asany of his parliamentary colleagues are off putting.)

As a non establishment figure, he has been faced with hostility from the governing party, his own party and the press.

As time has gone by, the historical nature of the attacks have not subsided. Indeed the above screenshot could have been associated with a spoof article only a few weeks back but now it is an actual serious headline in a broadsheet paper thatany consider reliable and serious.

I didn't think we could get any lower than a few days of hysteria over him not wearing a tie or standing in silence.

Instead we now reach a low of hysteria because , while ignoring the fact that Davis Cameron thought it apt to use a mobile phone at the same ceremony, which has so far got no reporting, mainly because its not news worthy. Many have ridiculed the story , with responses including potential future headlines on important matters such as Jeremy Corbyn sneezing in a peculiar manner.

Newsworthy items such as members of the UK military if Jeremy Corbyn is elected to lead the UK however are less well publicised.

All these theatrical and hysterical attempted smears beg one question: what is the establishment so afraid of?