The fall of Aleppo

As we speak the final opposition held areas of Eastern Aleppo are falling in the face of a massive onslaught of Russian air power, Syrian armed forces and their alliwed Lebanese and Iraqi shia militias.

Even before the final onslaught there were many reports that from civilians that had fled Aleppo, the men had been stripped out and disapeared. No doubt many of these will have been tortured and many murdered.

There is also footage of rejoicing by some in Western Aleppo. No doubt this is Genuine as there are victors and those that will benefit from all of this, many of whom will also be civilians who got caught up in the great game being played in Syria – but this does not mean that the regime was anywhere near on the side of righteousness or justice. It simply created a situation where its systematic brutality was more beloved to world powers than what the opposition offered.

There are some people who are cheering the awful crimes that are happening against the Civilians of Aleppo – details of brutality, mass murder, and worse are too readily available, but some people are blind to it because they se the world from a perspectivedominated by America – if it is against America then it must be good.

The real world is not that simple and they miss the fact that for the past couple of years atleast the US did not want the Syrian regime to be toppled. They wanted it weakened and brought to the edge of existance before they could get their consessions and let it survive – because they preferred its brutality to the dreams of the opposition and the civilian population.

The world has let the people of Aleppo down and all we can do now is pray and do dua for the mercy of God to descend uppn the people of Aleppo.

But it should never have gotten to this stage and we are all guilty.



How very true. But while the world is watching the fall of Allepo. They are ignoring what is happening in Mosul, which may result in a greater carnage then Allepo. Not to mention Yeman.

What we are seeing is a power struggle between Iran and Saudi for control of the region. The Assads and others are just pawns in a biggar game. Which i am sorry to say the west, Russia and China, are content to sit back and let the people of the region get on with it.

Russia as a vested interest in Syria to stop similar things occuring in southern Russia, only a few hundrend miles away. Whilst China is starting to make waves in the China Sea. The US and Europe have had enough of [to them] meaningless foreign conflicts costing them both money and blood for little gains, not even increasing their own security.

So i am sorry to say, after years of people in the third world saying, “why don't the west leave us alone and keep out of our business," That is just what appears to be going to happen,