A century of western intervention in the middle east

For a century now the fates of the middle east have been entangled with western intervention which lead to the collapse of the ottoman empire. Intervention has lasted longer still if you consider North Africa/Egypt and its control and relation with the Ottomans

It has been a century where the arab has not been allowed to decide his own fate but used as a pawn for western interests.

Now the threat of ISIS is being used by western powers including our own to seek a new intervention in Iraq and Syria.

They are looking to ally themselves with butchers who have killed more people than ISIS have.

ISIS is a symptom of western intervention in the middle east - not just the invasion of Bush and Blair in 2003, but all previous interventions which created suitable conditions where the Iraqis and others have been brutalised.

ISIS might be brutal but the way forward is not to intervene - western intervention is for western interests and not th help the locals. It will only make things worse in the long term.