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never found the time...

I knelt to pray but not for long,
I had too much to do.
I had to hurry and get to work
For bills would soon be due.
So I knelt and said a hurried prayer,
And jumped up off my knees.
My Muslim duty was now done
My soul could rest at ease.
All day long I had no time
To spread a word of cheer.
No time to speak of Allah to friends,
They'd laugh at me I'd fear.
No time, no time, too much to do,
That was my constant cry,
No time to give to souls in need
But at last the time, the time to die.
I went before the Lord,
I came, I stood with downcast eyes.
For in his hands God held a book;
It was the book of life.
God looked into his book and said
Your name I cannot find.
I once was going to write it down...
But never found the time'

this was sent to me in an email

islamic jokes

some of jokes from a site called

enjoy Biggrin

Here is the story of an Imam who got up after Friday prayers and announced to the people:

"I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program. The bad news is, it's still out there in your pockets."



A Jew lost his invaluable ring and accidentally a poor Muslim fellow found it. When this Muslim came to know that it belongs to that Jew he went to return him. The Jew smiled and asked him:"Do you know its value?"

The Muslim replied:"Yes."

"You found this and you are also a poor and a needy!" said the Jew.

"Yes, you are right." The Muslim replied.
The Jew asked,"Did it not come to your mind that by selling this ring you can live a comfortable life as you had an excuse that it belonged to a Jew?"

The Muslim told him,"Why, I should have thought that way?"
"So why did you return this ring to me while I was not knowing that you have found it?" Questioned the Jew.

i asked allah..

i love this poem i disscovered it when it was hung up in my tutor room

I asked... Allah Ta'ala gave me...

I asked for Strength.....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me the Brain and Brawn to work.

I asked for Courage....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Danger to overcome.

I asked for Love....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Troubled people to help.

I asked for Favours....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted....
But I received everything I needed!

if you just tell them......


this is a true story written anonymously by someone
i found it on the internet and thought it was quite interesting and decided to post it on here

I was sitting in the kitchen. Sabi (our servant) was washing the dishes & then she mop the floor. My Mom came in. Sabi why were you late again? She yelled at her. My bus...... Sabi was going to say something, when my Mom cut her off. That is not an excuse Sabi, she told her.

I had no idea what the excuse was. I decided to ask Sabi when my Mom won't be around. It was time for Zuher. We all made wudo & went to pray except Sabi. She was still working in the kitchen. I was shocked.

to a non-muslim woman

To A Non-Muslim Woman

When you look at me
All that you can see
is the scarf that covers my hair
My words you can't hear
because you're too full of fear,
mouth gaping, all you do is stare

You think it's not my choice
in your own "liberation" rejoice.
You think I'm uneducated,
trapped, oppressed and subjugated,
You're so thankful that you're free.

But non-Muslim woman you've got it wrong
You're the weak and I'm the strong.
For I've rejected the trap of man.
Fancy clothes - low neck, short skirt
those are devices for pain and hurt.
I'm not falling for that little plan.

I'm a person with ideas and thought.
I'm not for sale, I can't be bought.
I'm me - not a fancy toy,
I won't decorate anyone's arm,
nor be promoted for my charm.