Invisible Rope


Me and my friends tried this ^ Basically it looks like people are pulling a rope from either side of the rope so a car wouldn't be able to go past - but there's nothing there!

First time round, the driver just looked at us funnily and carried on as normal.

Second time round, the car slowed down.

Third time round the car stopped. It actually STOPPED right there! It was so funny! I was meant to record that bit but since it didn't work properly the first time round I just carried on eating my crisps Sad But it was cool!


LOL @ I just carried on eating my crips haha!

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this is SO interesting!! wouaaahhh!! iwanna try it!!!

it feels..nearly like a psychological thing... I feel funny.. i dont know what id do if i was in the car..its like.. " i know there isnt a rope BUT STILL...can i go round..?"

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?


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