Muhammad Messenger of Allah - Ash Shifa of Qadi Iyad

Assalaamu Alaykum

Ash Shifa is a book on seerah by Imam Qadi Iyad. In this book, the Imam talks about the exalted status of the Prophet (saw).

I will be posting extracts from this book, insha'Allah.


Anas said that Buraq was brought bridled and saddled to the Prophet (saw), on the evening of his Night Journey. It shield away from the Prophet (saw), so Jibril (as) said to it, "Do you do this to Muhammad? No one more honoured by Allah than he has ever ridden you." Anas related that upon this the Buraq broke down into a sweat. {At-Tirmidhi}

Ibn Abbas said that the words of Allah "when you turn about among those who prostrate," (26:219) mean from "Prophet to Prophet until i brought you out as a Prophet."

Jafar ibn Muhammad said, "Allah knew that His creatures would not be capable of pure obedience to Him, so He told them this in order that they would realise that they would never be able to achieve absolute purity in serving Him. Between Himself and them He placed one of their own species, clothing him in His own attributes of compassion and mercy. He brought him out as a truthful ambassador to creation and made it such that when someone obeys him, they are obeying Allah, and when someone agrees with him, they are agreeing with Allah. Allah says: 'Whoever obeys the Messenger as obeyed Allah.' (4:80)"

One of the commentators said that the interpretation of the letters Kaf-Ha-Ya'-Ayn-Sad (19:1) is that kaf refers to Allah being enough (kifaya) for His Prophet from His words: "Is not Allah enough for His slave?" (39:36) The Ha refers to His guidance (hidaya) as in His words: "He will guide you to a straight path." (48:2) The ya refers to His support (tayyid) as in His words: "He will support you with His help." (8:26) The 'ayn refers to His protection ('isma) as in His words: "Allah will protect you from the people." (5:67) And the sad refers to His prayer (salat) on him as in His words: "Allah and His angels pray blessings on the Prophet." (33:56)

Allah says, "If you support one another against him, Allah is His mawla, and Jibril and the right-acting believers." (66:4) Mawla here means protector. The right-acting believers are said to be he prophets. It is also said that is should be taken literally as meaning all the believers.

I'll buy this book; heard a lot many good things about it.

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