Interesting Facts About Quran

Quran is the religious scripture of Islam and Muslims value it as the last Holy Book of Allah Almighty that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Quran carries guidelines for Muslims that tell them the right way by following which they can find truth in this life and enjoy a marvelous life in the world hereafter.

Pertaining to Quran, Muslims learn Quran at a young age by consulting a , however, there are others as well who besides simple learning also want to increase their knowledge about the different facts related to Quran. The lines below discuss some renowned facts that a Muslim must know about Quran.

Meaning – The meaning of the word ‘Quran’ is ‘Read’ therefore, Quran or Islam in no way is or can be against literacy and learning.

First Revelation – Quran was revealed for the first time on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the cave of Hira in Makkah.

Night of Revelation – The night on which Quran was revealed to Prophet (PBUH) is regarded as Laylatul Qadr meaning the Night of Power. Since then this night is the most revered night and it can be found in one of the odd nights of last ten days of Ramadan.

Safety of Quran – The reason why Quran is still in the same form and word as it was revealed is the fact that Allah Almighty took the responsibility of safety of Quran. Therefore, till the end of days Quran would stay in the same form.

The Most Read Book – Quran is the most read book all over the world and the number of it is increasing with time.

 Addressee Of Quran – In Quran, Allah Almighty addresses mankind in general and gives them instructions about the things they can do and the ones they cant to stay on the path of righteousness.

Makki Surahs – In Quran there are Makki Surahs and there are Madni Surahs, where the former refers to the Surahs revealed in Makkah while the latter refers to the ones revealed in Madina. The number of Makki Surahs is 86.

Madni Surahs – The number of Madni Surahs in Quran is 28.

Total Surahs –The total number of Surahs in Quran is 114.

Total Paras – Quran is divided into 30 parts which are referred to as Paras.

Total Verses – In Quran there are 6666 verses in total.

The Word ‘Allah’ – In Quran, the word Allah is used 2698 times in total.

The First Hafiz – The person who memorizes Quran is called ‘Hafiz’. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first Hafiz of Quran.

Sajda Verses – In Quran there are certain verses after listening or recitation of which it becomes imperative on the concerned people to prostrate. The total number of such verses in Quran is 14.

Mention of Salat – In Quran Salat is one of the most emphasized components of Islam. The total mentions of Salat in Quran is 700.

In a nutshell, the facts about Quran can go on and on and a large list can be constructed, however, the aforementioned are the major ones and the knowledge of which every Muslim must try to have so that he or she is able to know about the beloved Book more and more.



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Total Verses – In Quran there are 6666 verses in total.

I suspect this was something pushed by orientalists that many of us have accepted without fact checking.

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