10 stress busters

1- Try to identify the stressor

2- Take control

3- Have some 'me' time

4- Challenge yourself

5- Stay positive 

6- Connect with others

7- Avoid unhealthy habits (like tea and sleeping)

8- Work smarter, not harder

9- Accept the things you can't change

10- Manage your time effectively


Feel free to add to the list. Or not.



I don't drink tea but I wouldn't have thought drinking it would be classed as an unhealthy habit?

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

tea dehydrates and also the caffeine can increase the stressy feeling.

im shocked at the sleeping. sleeping is important.


did some research, seems i was wrong. tea isnt as bad in terms of dehydrating, its actually as good as water it seems.

the problem lies in the caffeine being a diuretic (no idea how to pronounce that word...)


wiki for diuretic 

some bbc article abt water vs tea 

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Stress can make a person feel extremely lethargic and apathetic. Most people tend to sleep in order to 'flight'. It's not a healthy option. No point stressing about something the next day when it can be dealt with before. 


11 - Remember that the moment you're in now will soon pass.


, Your stress will be gone when you return to work..

It's like burning your stress when you enjoy with your family or friends...

Thanks & Regards
Imran Khan

I'm not stressed out at the moment but when you're in the "moment" it's so easy to forget these things without someone keeping an eye on you and constantly reminding you. 


12- Eat chocolate. Best remedy.