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Nearly the end of Holy week


Well it is the day before Good Friday and almost the end of Holy Week.

I won’t bore you all with the details about what Easter means, as you probably don’t care. So I shall not attempt to preach to you all. But if I may take a few minutes of your time I shall try to give you another side of Easter. One that most Christians miss, but is, I believe useful to all.

Thursday evening some churches have a quiet service, which very few people attend. The theme of the service is to reflect on the life of Jesus, mainly the last three years of his life. At the end of the service the alter is stripped bare of any ornamentation. The attendees of the service hurriedly leave the church, lights are turned out, no one speaks, and we disperse to go separate ways.

Just a Thought, The Hippy Trail

Just a thought, The Hippy Trail.

Back in the 60's and 70's when most people who read the revival were probably not born. The world was a simpler place, and travel for people was easier then it is now. People in the west started to search for answers to many questions. One source was to seek answers by listening to the Yogic Masters and to travel to Northern India to find enlightenment. Here is my thoughts on one such enlightenment;