Part Four. My opinions of Jesus’s missing years.

My opinions of Jesus’s missing years.

There as been lots of speculation of Jesus’s missing years, did he just live a quiet life with his parents, did he travel round Judea as a jobbing builder, there are even theories that he travelled to India and met Buddhist monks? I have my own opinions that I will share with you.

I am allowed to do this [speculation] but this as not always been the case, a Christian had to agree with the official doctrine and interpretation, or face blasphemy charges and punishment [not by God] but by the religious hierarchy. I suppose a bit like Islam today?

My opinions of Jesus’s missing years; It is widely accepted that the Holy Family spent some time in Egypt, [how many years and exact location?] my opinion it was Alexandria, [large Jewish population and easy access by boat] Whilst living in Alexandria Jesus had schooling both religious and secular.

On returning to Judea, it is mentioned that Jesus stayed behind in the temple [Jerusalem] talking to the teachers in the temple, asking and answering questions. It is also said that all who listened to him were amazed at his knowledge and his answers to questions.

On reaching his bar mitzvah, a Jewish boy, or girl, comes of age and is allowed to take a full part in Jewish religious life. So if, as I assume, that as stated, the temple authorities were impressed with Jesus, then it is possible that Jesus may have been offered a place at the temple school in Jerusalem. Especially if Jesus’s relatives [Zechariah for one] take turns to serve in the temple.

Plus Joseph must have been fairly well off to be able to take his family to Egypt, and return with them. [No UN refugee council, or financial aid in those days] the only help he may have got is from his family.

So Jesus, after learning Joseph’s trade, is allowed to attend the temple school. If as it as been suggested that Jesus was an “A class pupil” and the fact that Jesus had spent part of his early life in Alexandria [he may still have had relatives living in Alexandria] It is not impossible for Jesus to have been offered a scholarship to complete his studies in Alexandria.

In education it is not all work, and no play, Jesus may have travelled to Cairo, Cairo was then, as now, at a crossroads of several trading routes. The Nile gave access into Upper Egypt and beyond. There were roads leading to the Red Sea and it would have been possible to sail to Arabia, or even beyond to Persia. Whilst the Persians no longer ruled Egypt, trade would still have continued.

So in the course of Jesus’s education he may have learned considerable medical and anatomical skills [which he may have used later on] it is possible that he learned more about Egypt’s long recorded history, and about its many invasions. After completing his studies, he may have decided to travel further before returning home to Judea, to see Persia maybe via the temples at Luxor and then across to the Red Sea to pick up a trading boat. [As a carpenter his skills would have been useful]

He would have learnt about ancient Egyptian religions in Luxor. If he went as far as Persia he would have met traders from India and the Far East. In Persia he would have come across a religion that predates Judaism and talks of a single God. The Zoroastrian faith and philosophy basically one God but mankind inherit two sides, evil and good within themselves, The soul [or conscience] tries to keep these two sides in balance but not always successfully. If evil dominates the person this may be the cause of most of mankind’s problems.

The battle of good over evil is within ones self, how you live your life and how you deal with people and problems lies within yourself. Basically your actions, your responsibility, and in time you will be asked to account for actions.

It may, or may not have affected Jesus’s attitude to Jewish traditional life on his return home but he appears to see thing differently from when he left to when he returned?

Next time John the Baptist and the meeting [Baptism of Jesus]